IN BETWEEN is a series of 15 reliefs that are a visual recreation of one particular memory. It is the same story re-remembered and re-reflected in 15 different ways with the same underlying form and essence. The actual memory is of a sunbather’s shadow, which I saw in 2009 on Zachary Taylor Beach in Key West, FL. What struck me was that the shadow was much more pronounced and defined in volume and form than the actual physical woman. It spoke to me as an allegory of my emotional, almost existential experience of something so powerful but existing only between the real, physical form and its metaphysical reflection as a memory.
I also had a strong feeling that the memory was constantly changing every time I recalled it. I became interested in creating a series of works reflecting the underlying consistency in form and feeling, but constantly changing, reshaping and integrating foreign elements like my own and my daughter’s reflections.

Olga Rudenko, IN BETWEEN #1 - #15, 2015-2017; 70"x39"x4"; Cement, Pastel