IN BETWEEN is a series of reliefs, which explores a coalescing of reality, imagination and illusion through the process of remembering, creating memories that in many aspects vary from an initial event or physical object.
The inspiration for the series was my memory of a sunbather’s shadow, which I saw in 2009 on Zachary Taylor Beach, Key West, FL. The shadow of the sunbather on the sand had such powerful feeling of physicality, that I became interested to give that shadow a permanent physical quality. 
Thus the sculpting process began as a search between positive and negative volumes, three-dimensional space of sculpture and two-dimensional space of lines and flatness. The choice of cement as a medium was dictated by my desire to give elusive shadow a strong physical presence and create “fluid” forms that seem to be in a state of constant transition. I also used pastel to bring subdued, soft colors, that are hardly visible, to emphasize metaphysical nature of shadows. Starting with 

IN BETWEEN#1 the depicted image is constantly changing, reshaping while integrating new elements. Through the IN BETWEEN series the familiar female forms dissolve as unrecognizable abstract shapes of shadows claim more space, merging reality, illusion and memory into unified whole.

Olga Rudenko, IN BETWEEN #1 - #15, 2015-2018; 70"x39"x4"; Cement, Pastel