​​​​Olga Rudenko is a sculptor working in stone, wood and cement. 

Olga draws her inspiration from two archaic sculptural traditions. The first is of her native Ukraine, where Kurgan Stelae stand tall and strong against the flat landscape of steppe. The second is of remote Rapa Nui, where Moais spiritually and physically dominate island and its life.

In her sculptures Olga seeks laconic and emotionally powerful forms. Trained as a stone and wood carver by Seiji Saito, Olga approaches sculpting as a direct process of expressing her vision with the deep connection to the physical media she uses. 

Olga explores in her art the complexity of female identity through manipulation of volumes and lines, taking them from almost naturalistic and familiar to strange and unrecognizable. Olga sees the sculptural form as a combination of negative and positive volumes, their shadows and reflections and endless possibilities of their re-emergence. Light, shadows and reflections are physical part of her sculptures emphasizing shifting nature of human perception and memories.

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